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Being your authentic self

"I feel like I have been pretending to be this version of me for the whole of my life"

This is a statement that has come up frequently in my conversations over the years with clients.

That sense of "having to play a role" totally misaligned with who they really are as opposed to the person they present to the world.

Like a huge weight that needs to be unburdened.

These are often successful senior managers, MD's and CEO's, leading organisations who outwardly give the impression that they have it all together, whilst inwardly feel inauthentic, stressed and unhappy.

Leading an organisation or a group of people can often be the loneliest place, where you have to "hold it together" be the positive energy to drive the business forward and have no outlet to talk about what is going on for you.

Just having a space where you can be totally yourself, un judged, explore and play can be transformational both as a leader and personally.

The result?

You will feel more energised, focused, value driven with a genuine sense of purpose and confidence to be that authentic version of you.

Everyone around you, from your relationships to the people you lead gets that best version of you...