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The myth that there isn't enough time


The myth that there isn't enough time

Despite what we think, time is not scarce, it’s our focus that is lacking.

We live in a world of distractions.

Social media, other people, events…. life! All wanting a piece of us and our attention.

The discipline we really need to develop is where we intentionally channel our attention to what truly matters.

Eliminating unnecessary noise, understanding, and prioritising our goals, weekly reflecting and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable unlocks the true potential for fulfilment.

Instead of chasing more time, redirect our focus to create a purpose driven life.

- Do you own your mobile or does it own you?

- Are you planning your week the Friday before and truly prioritising what you want to achieve in your diary? If you don’t plan your diary, someone else will.

- Do you have a vision with a roadmap of where you are going and want to be?

- What are your monthly goals to get you to your vision?

- Who is keeping you accountable every week to achieving your weekly goals?

- Do you know your values and what is truly important to you?

Unless we get truly intentional with how we use time, Fridays will arrive faster every week and that vision of where you want to be will get further away.