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Being your authentic self


6 Ways To Being Your Authentic Self

Do you like the person you are?

There is something exhilarating about being around someone who is content and comfortable with themselves.

They exude a positive energy that pulls others towards them.

“I’ll have what they are having.”

They aren’t desperate for companionship or validation because they already possess a fulfilling relationship with themselves, which ironically makes them even more attractive.

Often, it isn’t because this person thinks they are perfect, exactly the opposite, they have owned all their past mistakes and become comfortable with the imperfect person they are. They don’t need to pretend to be anything other than the authentic person they are. Warts and all.

6 signs a person is comfortable with themselves show up in a number of ways;

- They have very clear boundaries on what is acceptable in their lives personally and professionally.

- They know they deserve to be loved and raise their standards and attract relationships that are aligned with that self-worth.

- They engage in relationships based on mutual respect and support.

- They create better connections and are more willing give away more of themselves.

- Their healthy self-esteem means they don’t settle for less and are better equipped to better foster fulfilling relationships wherever they go.

- They are better leaders.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important one we will ever have.

It dictates the choices we make in our relationships, career, health, and the world.

To truly be comfortable with the imperfect person we all are takes work, vulnerability, owning and learning from our mistakes, embracing our strengths and imperfections, and practicing self-acceptance and gratitude.

A life of happiness, success and fulfilment starts with us…