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6 Tips for creating new habits

Our brains are the master multitaskers of the modern world.

In a mere 30 seconds, they need to juggle countless thoughts and tasks.

No wonder they're keen on making everything automatic.

As we move through life, the brain creates habits which then become our trusted companions.

They're the brain's way of saving energy for more pressing decisions.

So, when we decide to change a negative habit, it can be a real challenge

Don’t blame the brain, it's not it’s fault; it's just trying to be efficient and stick to what it knows.

Which is why it can be a genuine challenge to create positive new habits.

Overcoming the brain's "habitual laziness" requires persistence and a compelling reason.

✅Why do we want to bring this new habit into our life?
✅How will it benefit us and others?
✅How can we make it easy for our brain to adapt?
✅How can we keep reinforcing our brain's need for change?
✅Can we remove distractions and make sure we have the right support system around us?
✅Who will keep us accountable?

Believe it or not, our brain is on our side, helping us to thrive in what is a complex world. If we want to create change, then our brain is going to need some help.

After all, it’s doesn’t know what is real or not, it just reacts to the information we give it.

Raising a glass to our brilliant brains.

Have an incredible day and take care of that amazing brain of yours!
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