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The 5 Gifts of Over-Communication


The 5 gifts of over-communication

Over communication is the gift that just keeps giving.

“Have you communicated this to them?”

It's often the first question I ask clients when we are discussing a work or relationship issue.

Over communication provides 5 gifts

  • Clarity
  • Manages expectations
  • Minimises misunderstandings
  • Builds trust
  • Maintains healthy relationships.

How often have we delayed a reply or remained silent with another party?

All this does is lead to assumptions and speculation by them.

They start to fill in the gaps with their own interpretations, leading to frustration, confusion and relationship can become strained, all because of lack of communication.

Communicating early and often builds respect, creates trust, and stops any misunderstandings, even when sometimes it’s not great news you are communicating.

We all know how uncomfortable it is to share unpleasant information, but in the long term being transparent and forthright early is the biggest building block to building trust and maintaining healthy relationships.

It gives us the opportunity to find a solution and to understand each other’s perspectives.

Be an over communicator, you will build stronger, more productive, and harmonious relationships.

Have a happy, intentional, and fulfilled week.