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Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?

Do the people you spend the most time with leave you feeling better or worse?

We all have individuals in our lives who've been with us for a long time.

They've become a constant, almost like background noise.

It's important to remember that we are the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with.

These people deeply influence how we think and what we aspire to

If we aspire to change our life, reach our full potential, or embark on a new journey, our choice of company matters.

Surrounding ourselves with those who radiate positive energy, uplift us, challenge, and serve as our biggest cheerleaders. Other people who are also striving for personal growth. They are the ones who stand by our side when we need them, and we do the same for them. Together building a support and accountability system that propels us forward.

We mustn’t just settle for "yes" people.

We should look to embrace those who challenge our thoughts and feelings. They are the ones that will inspire growth from constructive debate and sharing differing perspectives.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to hear us out and understand our aspirations.

Are the people you are spending the most time with providing you with the energy and encouragement you need for change and growth?

Or are they merely trying to keep you and themselves in a comfortable, safe place?

We are the product of our surroundings; so, we need to choose wisely.

At the same time asking yourself, are you being that same positive force in the lives of those around you?

What relationship are supporting you to your new future?