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Who do you want to be?

"The world will ask you who you are, and if you don't know, the world will tell you" Carl Jung

Who do you want to be?

I often feel like a broken record when working with clients, asking them this question.

I know from personal experience the profound difference and effect knowing who you want to be can have on your life and how you see yourself in it.

One particular client has been pushing back on this question, it got quite tense one day, I actually thought I had pushed too hard.

And then this arrived in my inbox.

They graciously said I could share anonymously, as it was so beautiful.

💡 "When I walk into a room, heads turn and people want to know me.

I exude positivity, happiness and am inspirational, courageous, wise, bold and unstoppable.

I am always looking for growth in my personal and business life.

I am decisive and confident.

I am a leader in my professional and personal life and to my partner, children, family, friends and loved ones.

I am proud of the difference I am making, the positive impact I am having and the legacy I am building.

I am honest, open and fun with everyone.

My star is shining at its brightest, I am a change maker and believe I can do and be anyone I want.

I continue to work daily on my mindset and growth and gifting myself a strong inner foundation for all I am achieving"💡

Imagine the power of reading something like that first thing in the morning?

It's meant a huge shift in this clients mindset.

Who do you want to be?