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6 tips for making genuine change in your life


6 tips for making genuine change in your life

Have you started to look at the life you have built and wondered 'How did I get here?'
So many of us end up on a certain track of life and before we know it, years have gone by and suddenly we have some or all the trappings of life – a partner, career, mortgage, kids and what feels like a very long road ahead.

Most of us daydream about changes we would like to make in our lives, and then put them back in the daydream box and settle for the life that somehow appeared.

Too hard.

Some of us will have separations, career loss or some pain that life inevitably throws at us all at some time or another – so change is forced.

If you want to make genuine change in your life, how do you even start?

These are my 6 key top tips:

1. Beliefs

Our beliefs about ourselves, the world and what is possible need to be understood and challenged. You will often be your own roadblock to change, not other people. What Richard Branson thinks is possible will be quite some distance from what us mere mortals think.

2. Values

Truly understanding what you value and what it means to YOU is game changing and will be like the most perfect navigation system through your life. A life lived by your values (and not others) is a happy, successful, and fulfilled one.

3. Vision

Truly understanding what you do want (not what you don’t want) in all parts of your life, aligned with what you value will give you 100% focus. Once you know direction of travel, there will be a huge, positive shift in your perspective and energy. Things start to happen.

4. Goals + actions + habits

You have that clarity of vision, putting in clear goals with actions, plus the right habits to take you there.

5. Accountability

Surround yourself with people who will keep you accountable. They may be on the same journey or just want good things for you. When the inevitable roadblocks come, they will be the people who will push and pull you through.

6. Stop worrying about being judged

You get one life, most of those people judging will have decided to stay small and safe, you swimming a different way is going to make them question their own decisions. The people who love you, will be with you, that’s all that matters. And honestly, nobody really cares anyway!

Ask yourself two questions.

1. If I don’t act now – where will I be in 1 / 5 years’ time?
2. Risk or caution. When you look back what defined your life more?

Have a happy, successful, and fulfilled day.