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6 steps to challenge your beliefs about yourself


6 steps to challenging your beliefs

"Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world" Eckart Tolle

So many of the reasons we don't take genuine action from the plethora of development books, podcasts, articles we listen to and read are the deeply ingrained beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we are living in.

If we believe we are not capable of business success, having a healthy relationship or a truly fulfilled, happy life then we are very unlikely to take risks or pursue opportunities that could lead us to the place we really want to be.

We will choose to stay in that job that leaves us crawling to the weekend just for some respite and waking to the dread of that Monday morning alarm.

We will choose to be part of a relationship that is diminishing both of you, the days just drift by to that summer holiday, whilst scrolling through social media envying others watching others apparently living their dream life.

Here are 6 steps to think about to challenge those beliefs;

1. Stop seeing failure as a sign of personal inadequacy but as a chance to understand what is not working and to grow from the expereince.

2. Challenge your beliefs. Where did these beliefs come from? are they based on fact or assumption, and are they valid and useful?

3. Start to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Is there a pattern here? meditation and journalling can help develop greater self awareness and become more attuned to our internal state.

4. Patterns. Look back on the last 10 years, are there consistent patterns with your choices and behaviours? Have they ultimately been helpful or unhelpful?

5. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim. When things aren't quite right and where we think they should be, its easy to blame and make others the "villain" and take the spotlight away from our contributions to the situation.

6. Get support. Challenging self beliefs can be challenging. Who can we talk to you who isn't emotionally engaged and can give us a truly honest reflection of where we are and help us navigate the process?

If life isn't quite where we thought it might be, maybe its time for a rethink and reflection on our contribution to where you we are now.

Have a happy, fulfilled and intentional week.