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What does your perfect day look like?


What does your perfect day look like?

Over four years ago, I, like so many people felt stuck and conditioned to a way of life I had been living for so long it had just become my "normal”.

I wasn't unhappy, just struggling to find meaning and genuine enjoyment in my life, with a constant little whisper in my ear.

Is this it?

And then a mentor asked me what on the face of it a pretty innocuous question.

"What does your perfect day look like?"

Frankly, I didn't know....

But that question opened a whole new world of thinking.

If I could imagine that I had no constraints and the freedom to choose, what would that day look like?

And then other questions came...

What was important to me and what did I want out of life?
What did I value?
What made me feel happy and fulfilled?
What was my version of success?
What did I want from a partner and relationship?
What kind of dad did I want to be?
What business would give me fulfilment?
What kind of health would I like to have?
How did I want to be remembered?

From this one question, I started to review everything I was doing.

It is so easy to get stuck in a life that feels "normal" particularly if you are in a career that pays well, you have a partner and children, because that "chimp" part of our brain doesn't want us to think beyond this life, doesn't want us to think about other possibilities. He / she want us to be safe and cosy.

And then we start comparing ourselves to others, we feel trapped, get irritated with silly things, lack any energy to do anything, withdraw from social situations with no interest or motivation to do anything.


What does your perfect day look?