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11 Tips For How Middle Age Can Be Your New Beginning

Why middle age can be a new beginning.

I hit 56 next month, how the f***k did that happen?!!

I am not even sure I am allowed to call myself middle aged.

At 50 I had that profound wake up that so many of us have around middle age.

I separated from my partner and mum of our two lovely kids, my dad passed away, I realised the main source of my income (hospitality) was no longer something I wanted to do, and my best friend told me I hadn't really been around for 15 years as I was only focused on work.....he was right.

It was a really crap time, a lot of self-judgement and feeling pretty worthless.

It's at these times you really find out what you are made of, who your friends are and you have two choices....

Continue as you are, blame circumstances, other people OR get your s**t together, stop letting the world tell you who you are, own what's going on, and find out what makes you really happy and fulfilled.

A client shared a fascinating podcast with me by the Harvard Business School, talking to Chip Conley (ex-hotelier, mentor to the Airbnb leadership team) where they talked about middle age.

So much resonated, and reminded me of what I have learned over the last 5 years, and what I share with my own clients.

These are just a few.

✨ Be the energy in the room not the wrinkles.

✨ Develop a growth mindset, don't be fixed in your thinking, there is so much we still need to learn and so many opportunities.

✨ Prioritise your health – exercise / food / sleep.

✨ Self-belief is the number 1 reason we don't reach our potential, and probably why many of us don’t make the change

✨ Surround yourself with people who challenge your thinking, and care about you.

✨ Find your Ikagai. The Japanese concept that means your "reason for being"

✨ Seek to understand before being understood. Never judge a book by its cover.

✨ Do the work. Find out who you really are and accept the beautiful person you are. You can't go back only forward.

✨ Know your values. Understand what's truly important and live them.

✨ Make a plan, work out what you want, set the steps, lean in and go for it.

✨ There will never be enough time or the right time, there will always be a hundred stories to tell yourself and things to do so you don’t make the time

Feel free to jump in with your own thoughts, I know I have missed a few!

Have an amazing day.