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What are your 6 favourite personal development books?


What are your 6 favourite personal development books?

The concept of quality over quantity is applicable in many aspects of life, including personal development.

Hands up those who have a bookshelf bulging with self-development books they have bought or been given that they have read and can’t remember one principle from it, dipped into and never got through or have a couple that sit on the book shelf making you feel guilty you haven’t read?

Guilty as charged.

These books may look good on your bookshelf (cue a million zoom backgrounds) but if you haven’t learned anything from them.

What’s the point?

Reading a book multiple times gives you the opportunity to fully internalise the ideas and principles presented. On every re – reading, you cannot help but discover something new or remind yourself of a concept or principle you have stopped using. This repetition helps cement the knowledge and makes it more likely to stick with you and use.

As Stephen R Covey wrote in 7 Habits, “read as though you are going to teach” Something that has stuck with me ever since.

It is also worth mentioning that personal development is not just about reading books. It involves taking action and implementing the ideas presented in the books. If you have only a few books that you deeply understand and apply, you are more likely to take meaningful action towards your personal development goals.

Writing this article prompted me to think about the 6 books I continue to read over and over.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.
You could fill two articles on just the brilliant quotes from this book, total gem of a book and great principles to live by professionally and personally.
A Path Through the Jungle by Prof Steve Peters
Follow up to Chimp Paradox, both books should be taught at school as far as I am concerned. If you want to understand why you behave the way you do, this book is a must. I am such a fan that my clients get a complimentary copy as part of the work we do together.
Scaling Up. Verne Harnish
I devoured this book when setting up Ole & Steen and recommend to any business clients wanting to scale their business.
Atomic Habits. James Clear
If you want to really build a life that is happy, fulfilled, and successful, you need great habits. This is the granddaddy. His weekly newsletter on a Thursday is worth subscribing to.
Ray Dallio – Principles
Personally, I struggled with first half of this book, and nearly dropped it as a read. The 2nd half about his principles is worth the effort (or just skip to the good stuff). Also comes with a great checklist of principles to live your life by and running a business.

Books that challenged my mindset, read only once, but highly recommend.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert T. Kiyosaki
Man’s Search for Meaning. Viktor Frankl
How Can I Get Through to You. Terence Real
Solve For Happy. Mo Gawdat
Mindset. Carol Dweck.
Grit. Angela Duckworth

What are your favourites?