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Why having to always be right is stopping your growth


Why having to always be right is stopping your growth

Do you have individuals in your life that seem to spend their entire lives fixated on proving themselves right?

They engage in endless arguments, refuse to listen to opposing viewpoints, and dismiss the wisdom that can be gleaned from the mistakes of others.

The exhausting nature of these individuals is palpable. Their constant need to be right drains the energy from every interaction. Instead of fostering growth and collaboration, they create an atmosphere of hostility and stagnation.

And the sad thing is their quest for righteousness blinds them to the invaluable lessons that lie within humility and openness. They miss out on the transformative power of learning from others and acknowledging their own mistakes.

By prioritising the need to always be right, they deny themselves the opportunity to reach their true potential.

Real growth and progress come from embracing new perspectives, embracing constructive criticism, and being willing to learn from both successes and failures.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to admit when we are wrong, but most often this is where the breakthrough can come, allowing others to be open and honest, and for us to listen and learn and maybe, just maybe to embrace the beauty of continuous learning.